Hammer, a former soldier from the Military.

The Military perhaps representing an alliance of nations against Dracula in 1999. The military sent many soldiers to Dracula's Castle during the Demon Castle Wars. They were lead by Julius Belmont. Many of the fallen became zombies wandering the castle walls. The military (not clear which country) sent Hammer to investigate the Hakuba Shrine during a full eclipse in 2035. They did not give Hammer an idea of what to expect, and he found himself whisked away to Dracula's Castle sealed inside of the eclipse. Irritated, he abandoned his mission and instead decided to set up shop with all the weapons he was able to find in the castle and sold them to Soma Cruz, who would be responsible for getting him and others out of the castle. Hammer then quit the military and worked as an information broker through shady business contacts, as well as realizing his dream of becoming a merchant.

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