Dialogue Data: The Arena (edit)
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AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-J DialogueJulius Belmont

Julius Belmont, the Legendary Vampire Hunter
J: Ohhh...

Soma Cruz: J, what's wrong? You look pale.
J: D-don't worry... just now... all of my memories came flooding back.
Soma Cruz: What!?
(J stands up)
J: It seems that your dark power triggered the return of my memories. Just like I guessed... I have quite an extensive history with Dracula.
Soma Cruz: I thought so...
Julius Belmont: My real name is Julius Belmont... I am a descendant of a clan that has fought against Dracula for ages.
Soma Cruz: And the person who destroyed Dracula in 1999 was...
Julius Belmont: Yes. It was me... but there were others who assisted me...
Soma Cruz: So, if Dracula is revived again, just as it is written in the prophecy...
Julius Belmont: Then I must destroy him! It is my destiny.
Soma Cruz: You haven't met a man named Graham yet, have you?
Julius Belmont: Graham? Oh, you mean that missionary, right? I met him a little while ago. But when he saw my face, he turned and ran.
Soma Cruz: He told me that he was Dracula.
Julius Belmont: I did sense Dracula's powers at work within him... but it's difficult to believe that he's Dracula... rather... I think... No, forget it. It is nothing more than a hunch.
Soma Cruz: Huh?
Julius Belmont: Assuming that he is Dracula, I won't be able to kill him yet.
Soma Cruz: Why not?
Julius Belmont: I need my weapon.
Soma Cruz: Your weapon?
Julius Belmont: Yes. It's a whip that was handed down to me. It's called "Vampire Killer." In 1999, I sealed it in this castle to weaken his spirit and magical powers.
Soma Cruz: That means it's in this castle somewhere?
Julius Belmont: Yes. And I know exactly where it is. I'll go and get it now.
Soma Cruz: Alright. Please be careful.
Julius Belmont: Pray that my hunch proves to be wrong. Farewell for now.

(Julius leave the Arena)

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 40 Balore02:58

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 40 Balore

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: The Arena
When: Second Encounter with J (after defeating Balore)

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