The Abyss is a location and the ending stage of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.


A variant of Hell. The map consists of six separated "Hells" that are magically linked and experienced: a flaming hell area filled with an Arc Demon, with giant fire pillars coming from the ground; a sandy area where you acquire the Hippogryph soul; an icy aura part filled with Malachis and Frozen Shades; a blood red aura area (almost looking like a gastric organ) with moving shadows of tortured beings in the background; an outer space area (complete with aurora), filled with a Stolas and Black Panthers; and finally, a spike-filled area. One should note that when all areas of The Abyss are linked, a hexagram-like shape is formed on the map. This the game's finishing point, with some of the hardest enemies/enemy combinations in the game (Stolas who constantly summons Erinys or Flame Demons is a great danger in small rooms, for example). An extra note is the Boss Abaddon found here, which is a reference to the entity in the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation.

It takes on a semblance similar to hell as described in the Holy Bible. The second term for "Abyss" refers to when a player, NPC or enemy, fall into a pit or black hole that's never-ending.

The shape this area takes resembles a six pointed star of which each of its sections do not look connected at any point. However, due to the chaotic nature of this location, it inexplicably teleports you from one sector to another. The surrounding environment in this area changes depending on which section you currently are. The northernmost section houses the typical fire and brimstone complete with fire pillars that shoot up from the ground at timed intervals. The other areas include something that looks like the inside of a refrigerator (presumably a reference to where Lucifer/Satan was banished to in the Divine Comedy, as he was sealed away in the deepest area of Hell in ice.), to outer space, to strange quicksand like pits (with oddly placed ear structures with the said sand running out of them), to within a giant colon (?), to a spike ridden lair with elaborate insectoid designs embedded within its walls.

The final section resides within the exact center of the location of which its environment is more twisted than any of the surrounding sections. It is here that the final battle ensues. (In Julius Mode, the final section of the Abyss is the Throne Room in The Pinnacle).

It should be noted that all sections (save for the top right section) of this area have 6 rooms each. The northeast section has an extra room, the room needed to warp to the center of the area to fight Menace. With the addition of Menace's room, the count reaches 38, however, it should also be noted that this room does not appear on the map and does not count toward your exploration rate counter on the menu screen.


The Abyss is the last area in the game. It consists of six area types (listed below). It is based on the Abyss of Hell. There are three bosses, only two of which are fought depending on what mode you're in. The permanent boss is Abaddon, master of locusts. In Normal Mode, you meet Dmitri in the center of the Abyss through the portal, and he has sealed Arikado's power by killing Celia. He uses the copied form of Dracula's soul, but cannot control the power, and a demon known as Menace bursts out of him. You beat the game and watch the ending when beating him. In Julius Mode, The Warp Zone takes you back to the Throne Room, where you fight Soma as the Dark Lord.


The Abyss


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  • If all the points were connected, with the warp room placed over the castle map's location of this room, the Abyss would overlap with the warp room of the Silenced Ruins.

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