"Oh, God in heaven! You've answered my prayers!"
— Tera

Tera leads the town with her prayers. When Richter or Maria find her, unfortunately, she had temporary delusions of Richter and Maria being manifestations of God (an effect most likely due to her prolonged capture). She owns a necklace that breaks red skeletons to total destruction, rendering them unable to reassemble. In The Dracula X Chronicles, it also destroys red skeleton walls.

Tera's NecklaceEdit

In Dracula X Chronicles, Tera will present the protagonist with her necklace (misspelled "Terra's Necklace" in the game) if you save her in Stage 3'. This necklace will allow you to permanently destroy red skeletons.

Along the way, you will come across some walls constructed with red skeletons' bones. If they are damaged, they will crumble to the ground but will reform themselves immediately, making further progress impossible. However, with the aid of Tera's necklace they can be destroyed for good, thus gaining access to the rewards they were protecting.


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