Swamp Troll

Swamp Trolls are enemies in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


Swamp Trolls are one of three subspecies of trolls encountered in the game. Inhabiting the dead bogs, Swamp Trolls are identical to their mountain dwelling cousins but are slightly smaller and with green fur instead of brown.

As Gabriel makes his way through the Dead Bog, a Swamp Troll is revealed in the cutscenes to be stalking him from the shadows. After obtaining the hook tip for the combat cross from the ruined mausoleum, Gabriel finds himself attacked by the monster after entering the graveyard. During the fight, in addition to punching and grabbing at Gabriel, the Swamp Troll will also grab masonry from the gravesites to use as makeshift clubs as well as creating 360 degree shockwaves by smashing the ground. Defeating the Swamp Troll requires fighting at a range as well as careful timing of jumps in order to avoid its ground pound. Once its health bar has been depleted, pressing RT with the right timing will enable Gabriel to perform the killing move which earns him a Brotherhood Ark that increases his Dagger maximum.