Super Nintendo Entertainment System-USA


SNES 800

Super Famicom

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as Super Nintendo, Super NES or SNES, is a 16-bit video game console released by Nintendo in North America, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. In Japan it is known as the Super Famicom (Family Computer). In South Korea, it is known as the Super Comboy and was distributed by Hyundai Electronics.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo's second home console, following the Nintendo Entertainment System (often abbreviated to NES, released as the Famicom in Japan). Whereas the earlier system had struggled in Europe and large parts of Asia the SNES proved to be a global success, albeit one that could not match its predecessor's popularity in South East Asia and North America—due in part to increased competition from Sega Mega Drive console (released in North America as the Genesis). Despite its relatively late start, the SNES became the best selling console of the 16-bit era but only after its competitor Sega had pulled out of the 16-bit market to focus on its 32-bit next generation console.

Castlevania Games on the SNESEdit

There have been two Castlevania games released on the Super Nintendo. In the American releases, these games continued the ordering of the games found in the original NES games.

Super Castlevania IV was the first Castlevania game on the system and demonstrated the Super Nintendo's capabilities. Castlevania: Dracula X was the second game for the system, although it is generally considered less technically advanced than Castlevania IV and has little in common with it. Instead, it is considered a "port" or remake of TurboGrafx_16 game Rondo of Blood, which had not been released outside of Japan.

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