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Japanese Name サキュバス Sakyubasu (Succubus)
Role Antagonist
Appearances Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Age Immortal
Weapon(s) Claws
Abilities Dreamwalking, Shapeshifting
English Barbara Whitlow (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PSX)
Wendee Lee (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PSP, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair)
Japanese Rika Fukami (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Haruko Kitahama (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence)
Relatives Dracula (master)
Theme(s) Enchanted Banquet (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

In classical Western mythology, a Succubus is a vampire-like demon who preys upon men, usually seducing them only to steal their souls. Isaac refers to them as being a lower class demon - the exact opposite of vampires, who are the most powerful beings of the darkness.

A succubus appears as an antagonist in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Succubi also appear as common enemies in other games.

Game Specific InformationEdit

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

Perhaps the most well-known succubus in the Castlevania series is the one in Symphony of the Night. Located in the Underground Caverns, she hides inside a false save point, where Alucard is confronted by a flashback to the execution of his mother, Lisa. The succubus takes Lisa's form and attempts to turn Alucard against humanity by changing her final urging of forgiveness to a demand to hate and slaughter her killers. When Alucard exposes her, the demoness fights him but is defeated, with Alucard himself declaring the succubus as a defiler: "Death in the dream world will send your soul wandering for eternity, demon." The succubus begs for her life but Alucard shows her no mercy.

Her attacks include making clones of herself that shoot out homing orbs, and extending pointed tips out of her wings in different directions. She can also use a blast of petals that will curse you, so you are unable to attack for a moment. She then proceeds to swoop down at you, grab you and suck your blood, saying "I'll suck you dry", then she laughs and says "Mmmm... delicious!".

Castlevania: Lament of InnocenceEdit

She is located in the Ghostly Theatre disguised as Sara, Leon's fiancée, and tries to kill him with a knife. She seems quite taken with Leon, finding him attractive and commenting that he would be even more so in misery. Leon defeats her, and it is through her dying words that Leon learns of the connection between Rinaldo and Walter.

Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

The succubus is a palette swap of Lilith, with the hair and wings switched from red to grey. Succubi encountered on either, the Top Floor or the Chaotic Realm, are disguised as Mina Hakuba, and sit as if injured, only to shed their disguise if approached or attacked. In the Arena, a succubus can be found in the room containing a bathing pool, along with a hiding Lilith.

The succubus is basically a tougher version of Lilith; her attacks are faster and she is more likely to use her back-dash to evade Soma's attacks. She has very high MP compared to her hit points, respectively 3,000 and 550, so using the killer mantle's soul, Astral Veil, on her is an extremely bad idea.

The succubus' soul, Death Touch, is an enchanted soul that gives the ability to absorb HP with every hit; this is similar to the Soul Steal ability that Alucard has in Symphony of the Night, and is one of the three souls required to reach the true ending, all of which match Alucard's powers. It effectively turns the equipped weapon into a slightly weaker Mourneblade, healing 5 HP instead of 8, and has the same ability to heal when striking breakable objects, invincible enemies, and enemies which guard the actual hit, such as dead crusaders and the great armors. Death Touch has no MP cost at all.

Death Touch does not trigger on using a bullet soul, but does trigger for any physical attacks Soma uses as a result of ability souls such as the kicker skeleton's Comet Kick.

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

Succubi in this game appear in the Pinnacle. They take the form of Yoko Belnades, and when Soma passes near them, they will try to kick him. Only by attacking Yoko's form will they turn into the actual succubus. A single succubus in Yoko's form is encountered upon entering the Pinnacle coming from the Cursed Clock Tower (which may confuse the player on first encountering it, into thinking it is Yoko). Later on, multiple succubi (nine of them in fact, all which are in Yoko's form) are found in a hallway leading out from the Pinnacle to the Demon Guest House. They also appear in the Abyss, but they don't take Yoko's form. Her soul is now a bullet soul, Blood Sucker, which gives you the ability to drink enemy blood to replenish your HP.

Castlevania: Portrait of RuinEdit

The succubi in this game appear in the Master's Keep and in Burnt Paradise. They behave exactly like their Dawn of Sorrow counterparts, save for an outfit change and voice acting. They, like their Lilith counterparts, will say something depending on which character you fight them with. If you're playing as Jonathan, they will say "You impudent!", and if you're playing as Charlotte, they will say "Filthy cow!". When defeated, they will sarcastically murmur "So lonely..." while fading in flower petals.

As far as strategy goes, if Jonathan is using a low damage whip-type weapon, like the weakened Vampire Killer, back-dashing and attacking can give him distance enough to avoid the succubus' kissing attack while whittling away at her HP. All one would have to be careful of is when the back-dashing could lead to something unwanted, like into the next room or into another enemy.

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirthEdit

The Succubus, or a creature resembling a succubus, returns in The Adventure ReBirth as a boss. She has the exact same voice effects as Maria, and her main attacks are summoning rotating beams of purple energy and throwing long lasing blue fireballs into the ground. The latter is signaled by the Succubus shouting "Yay!".

In the UK version, she has the exact same voice as Carmilla from Castlevania: Judgment, including the line "Let's dance!".

Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the NightEdit

Main article: Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night/Arcade Mode#Succubus

The Succubus makes her playable debut in the Arcade Mode of Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night. She has two spells available to her:

  • Kiss of the Demon - For the next 20 seconds, the opponent's block spawns are all inactive blocks (20 MP).
  • Delusional Visions - For the next 30 seconds, the opponent cannot break any blocks by matching. At the end of this 30 seconds, all blocks that are matched and would otherwise break are instead turned into inactive blocks (40 MP).

Castlevania: Harmony of DespairEdit

Succubi appear in chapter 2, Lord of Unseen Strings, and in chapter 6, Come, Sweet Hour of Death. Some succubi in chapter 2 are disguised as Yoko Belnades, which will kick the player when he or she goes near her, but no damage is sustained when the player makes contact with her, compared to most of the monsters. Hitting the disguised succubi will reveal their true form. Succubi attack by rushing at the player and hitting him or her multiple times. Their soul allows Soma to obtain 1 HP every time he attacks, unless he has 9 succubi souls, then he will gain 2 HP per hit.


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Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Succubus
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Sucubussotn 93. Succubus  [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Female demon. Invades men's dreams. Strong: Dark
Level: 25
HP: 666
Exp: 2000
Guard: Life Vessel, Gold Ring
Nightmare (Alucard-only)
Succubus cotm Succubus (jpn) [ edit ]
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 150/300 (*)
Exp: 710/3100
Atk: 400/670
Def: 350/630
Common Drop: Intelligence Ring (2.4%)
Rare Drop: Manticore Card (1.5%)
Audience Room, Chapel Tower, Underground Warehouse, Battle Arena(*)
Succubusaos 96. Succubus  [ edit ]
Aria of Sorrow
This enticing beauty is really a nightmare in disguise. Strong: Dark
Weak: Sword
HP: 550
Exp: 360
Timestop: Unaffected
Common Drop: Heart Pendant
Rare Drop: Pudding
Soul: Death Touch
The Arena, Top Floor, Chaotic Realm
076 76. Succubus  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A monster that sucks up a person's essence by taking advantage of their feelings. Weak: Fire, Dagger
HP: 1000
Drop: Yellow Orb
Ghostly Theatre
Succubusdos 86. Succubus  [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow (Strategy)
A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful woman to drain vitality. Strong: Dark
Weak: Piercing, Slashing, Holy
HP: 182
MP: 999
Exp: 242
Atk: 59
Timestop: Unaffected
Common Drop: Flame Necklace (8%)
Rare Drop: Pitch Black Suit (4%)
Soul: Blood Sucker (20%)
The Pinnacle
Succubus 78. Succubus  [ edit ]
Portrait of Ruin (Strategy)
A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to drain vitality. Strong: Dark
Weak: Whip, Piercing, Holy, Petrify
HP: 185
Exp: 191
Skill Pt: 5
Drop: Europa's Dress, Succubus Boots
Master's Keep
Encore of the Night
''Abil: Kiss of the Demon - For the next 20 seconds, the player's block spawns are all inactive blocks.
HP: 1900
Exp: +1 level
Drop: Gold Ring
Steal: ~70 silver
Underground Caverns
Succubusdos 28. Succubus  [ edit ]
Harmony of Despair (Strategy)
A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to drain vitality. Strong: Fire, Ice, Lightning
Weak: Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Holy, Curse, Poison
Drop: Tiramisu (5.30%)
Succubus Boots (1.80%)
Soul: Yellow Soul (0.80%)
Chapter 2, 6
MoFSuccubus Succubus 
Mirror of Fate
This sensual and intoxicating creature has the appearance of a woman yet originates from the underworld and is intent on securing favor with her new master. From her illusory world, created from the fantasies of men, she awaits the arrival of heroes to seduce, subjecting them to temptation then ultimately offering them up to her liege lord. Strong: Oil Flask
Weak: Spirit of Schneider
Difficulty: 4/5
HP: 900
Exp: 1000
Drop: 25 Magic (x3)
????; bestiary at Towers' Link

Soul DataEdit

Item Data: Succubus
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Succubus - Harmony of Despair
Absorb HP when attacking Yellow Soul
Rarity: ****
Steal: Succubus (0.8%)

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  • The Succubus in Symphony of the Night is an Alucard exclusive boss. If Richter visits the room that normally houses the false save point, it is empty save for a single heart that appears upon entrance to the room and floats to the floor.
  • Succubus is still flagged as an enemy while disguised as Lisa, and offensive familiars may try to attack her before the cutscene begins.
  • The Succubus' enchanted soul, along with the Flame Demon's bullet soul and the Giant Bat's guardian soul, are the three souls tied to Dracula's powers. They are souls with effects matching Alucard's powers. The succubus' soul specifically has an effect matching the Soul Steal power which Alucard had in Symphony of the Night, while Flame Demon matches Hellfire and Giant Bat matches Form of Bat.
  • The official artwork for the Succubus in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night portrays her with exposed breasts. A censored version was included as unlockable artwork in Castlevania Chronicles. The model of the Succubus NECA action figure contains extra fabric that covers her chest.

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