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Dialogue Data: Study (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-Yoko DialogueYoko Belnades

First Encounter with Yoko
???: Hey, you're... Soma, aren't you? You must be him.

Soma Cruz: Y-yes, but... Who are you...?
Yoko Belnades: Oh, forgive me. I'm Yoko Belnades. I'm a member of the church.
Soma Cruz: How would a member of the church recognize me?
Yoko Belnades: You've met Aluca... um, I mean, Genya... Arikado, right?
Soma Cruz: I did meet him, but...
Yoko Belnades: He told me about you, and asked me to help you if you were in trouble.
Soma Cruz: Arikado said that? That's hard to believe.
Yoko Belnades: Well, he may seem cold at first, but he's actually quite a decent guy. He may be looking out for you because you share the same dark powers.
Soma Cruz: Wait, wait! Did you say my powers are "dark"?
Yoko Belnades: Oh, you mean you didn't know that!?
Soma Cruz: Uhh...
Yoko Belnades: Oh, no... did I say something...I...well... what's said is said. Essentially, you have the power to rule over and command monsters.
Soma Cruz: Rule over monsters? I have no desire to do that...
Yoko Belnades: It comes as naturally as breathing for you, so you may not realize it yet. And though I called it a "dark power," that doesn't mean it's evil. It's like a weapon. Its user decides whether to use it for good or evil.
Soma Cruz: Well, when you put it that way, I feel a little bit better. Since I got this power, I've begun to lose my sense of self.
Yoko Belnades: You are yourself. There's no one else you could be. Don't second guess yourself. Be confident. That's most important.
Soma Cruz: I think I understand now. Thanks, Yoko.
Yoko Belnades: (giggle) I'm not used to being thanked by people... Oh, I forgot to ask you. Have you seen a man named Graham?
Soma Cruz: Graham? Yes, I met him earlier.
Yoko Belnades: Be wary of that man. I believe that he will inherit Dracula's powers.
Soma Cruz: No way! He did not look like a bad guy.
Yoko Belnades: Right, and I've got a bridge to sell you! Don't be fooled by his appearance! He's not who you think he is.
Soma Cruz: Al... alright.

Yoko Belnades: Well, I must be going. I've got to find Graham! See you around!

Aria of Sorrow - Meeting Yoko, Great Armor & Hammer06:32

Aria of Sorrow - Meeting Yoko, Great Armor & Hammer

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Study
When: First Encounter with Yoko
AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-Hammer DialogueHammer

First Encounter with Hammer
???: Oh! What's a child like yerself doing in a place like this?

Soma Cruz: A child? You're rude, grandpa.
Hammer: Oh, my apologies. My name's Hammer. The army ordered me to come here.
Soma Cruz: Hi. I'm Soma.
Hammer: I thought I was inspecting a shrine, but suddenly I was in a castle. Don't ya think that's a mean thing to do to a guy? So I just bailed on my mission.
Soma Cruz: What do you mean?
Hammer: There were a bunch of strange people gathered at the shrine. I thought they'd be good customers, so I opened up a shop.
Soma Cruz: Ahhh... Good for you...
Hammer: There're weapons all over this castle and no monsters at the front gate. Good place for a shop! Come on by! I'll give ya a good deal. Sea ya around! Wah hah hah ha...
(Hammer leaves the room)

Soma Cruz: A shop, huh? I don't get it...

Aria of Sorrow - Meeting Yoko, Great Armor & Hammer06:32

Aria of Sorrow - Meeting Yoko, Great Armor & Hammer

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Study
Background Music: Hammer Company
When: First Encounter with Hammer

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