Spell Fusion is the ability to infuse sub-weapons (Dagger, Axe, Sacred Fist, Holy Water, Holy Book and Cross) with the power of Spell Books in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance to unleash devastating magical attacks similar to the Item Crash ability other members of the Belmont Clan have in other Castlevania games. There are five different Spell Books in the game:

Spell Fusion listEdit

Fire BookEdit

  • Dagger: Mirage Knife - Juste starts floating, surrounding himself with 9 daggers which burst into flames, transforming into giant fireballs which launch in every direction and ricochet on the screen multiple times.
  • Axe: Soul of Hydra - Juste unleashes 2 dragons made out of fire which home in on the nearest enemy.
  • Cross: Burning Cross - Juste creates a giant cross which launches a swirling fire blast on impact.
  • Holy Water: Bounding Flame - Juste creates a fireball that travels along the ground.
  • Holy Book: Heat Spiral - A Bible is released and spinning flames fan out all around it.
  • Sacred Fist: Shining Knuckle - Juste fires 6 balls of fire.

Ice BookEdit

Bolt BookEdit

  • Dagger: Sparkling Rain - Juste throws several energy blades to the sky which then fall on enemies within range.
  • Axe: Lightning Bolt - Juste calls upon lightning to attack most enemies on the screen.
  • Cross: Holy Cross - Juste is engulfed in light from the heavens and floats in the sky, unleashing giant crosses which spiral around him.
  • Holy Water: Ground Bolt - Lightning moves around the screen, damaging everything in its path.
  • Holy Book: Shield - Two balls of energy float in front of Juste, damaging anything that touches them.
  • Sacred Fist: Homing Thunder - Launches concentrated thunderbolts at the enemy.

Wind BookEdit

Summoning TomeEdit

  • Dagger: Summon Garuda - The giant bird Garuda is summoned to attack with a rain of sharp feathers.
  • Axe: Evil Wing - A winged devil is summoned, which turns its wings into axes that fly around the screen.
  • Cross: Summon Warlock - A mysterious sorcerer with a cane and glowing red eyes is summoned, calling upon meteors from the heavens.
  • Holy Water: Summon Aquarius - Juste summons an angel which flies around showering everything in holy water.
  • Holy Book: Summon Fairie - A fairie is summoned to attack the closest enemy with a hammer.
  • Sacred Fist: Summon Asura - Juste summons Asura, who unleashes a flurry of punches everywhere.
  • No Sub-weapon: God Bless - Restores Juste's health.


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