The Spell Book (called Mystery Book in the Japanese version) is a hidden item in Castlevania: Bloodlines which can be found inside of breakable walls. Collecting a Spell Book will cause one of two different effects which happen at random; either the player will get thirty Red Jewels or a third Coat-of-Arms power-up effect, powering up his main weapon to its fourth degree.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Magic Book
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Spell Book (Mystery Book) - Bloodlines
Either a help or a hindrance, only the Spirits know for sure. John Morris, Eric Lecarde  Effect: Coat of Arms or Red Jewel +30


  • The Castlevania: Bloodlines instruction booklet claims that the Spell Book could be either a "help or a hindrance", but both effects seem to benefit the player regardless, so it's unknown what the manual writers had in mind when they described it as such.

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