This article includes the Soul Weapon known as "Wind". For other uses, see Wind (disambiguation).

The Soul Weapon (ソウルウェポン Sōru Wepon?) is a special power possessed by Sonia Belmont that can be used as a replacement for Sub-Weapons in Castlevania Legends. Each Soul Weapon is obtained by defeating an area boss, instead of the usual Magic Crystal obtained in most games.

The Soul Weapon is the captured power of a spirit of the mother nature. Each weapon can be acquired by using a boss as the sacrifice to a spirit.[1]

There are five Soul Weapons:

Item Data: Soul Weapons
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Use Soul Weapon - Legends [ edit ]
' Action
Consume: Hearts  Sequence: ↑ + B
Legends-soul-wind Wind (jpn) - Legends [ edit ]
Stops enemy movement and attacks in all scenes except the area boss and stage boss battles. Soul Weapon
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Stage 1
Create: Creatures Bat soul
Legends-soul-ice Ice (Water) - Legends [ edit ]
Restores the player's entire life gauge. Soul Weapon
Consume: 20 Hearts  Find: Stage 2
Create: Death Dragon soul
Legends-soul-flame Flame (jpn) - Legends [ edit ]
A flash attack effective against all enemies except area and stage bosses. Soul Weapon
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Stage 3
Create: Grim Reaper soul
Legends-soul-saint Saint (jpn) - Legends [ edit ]
Sends a wave in front of the player. Cannot be fired consecutively. Soul Weapon
Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Stage 4
Create: Alucard soul
Legends-soul-magic Magic (Demon) - Legends [ edit ]
Destroys an enemy other than the area and stage bosses and nullifies the enemy's attack. Soul Weapon
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Hidden Stage
Create: Executioner soul


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