Aria of SorrowEdit

Soma Cruz

A high-school student living in the town of Hakuba and the hero of this game. He possesses a strangely daunting presence and people find him distant and difficult to approach. On the evening of the 2035 A. D. solar eclipse, Soma sets off for the Shrine of the White Horse. The Shrine is located on a hilltop and is attached to the house of his friend Mina. Soma and Mina are looking forward to watching this rare astral event from the high-altitude view of the Shrine, but something unexpected happens and they are knocked unconscious.

Dawn of SorrowEdit

The rebirth of Dracula, he has the ability to dominate the souls of monsters and use their powers as his own. A year ago, he learned that he was destined to become the dark lord. However, he overcame the chaos that raged within and escaped that fate.

Harmony of DespairEdit

The reincarnation of Dracula. He is mortal, but possesses an amazing talent: the power of dominance over monsters' souls. By collecting the Souls released by slain adversaries, Soma can harness those creatures' power. A natural warrior, he is also skilled with all types of weaponry.

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