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Dialogue Data: Skeleton Cave (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus George dialogueGeorge

Saving George
(Shanoa finds Albus trapping a villager in a crystal)

Shanoa: Let that man go, Albus.
Albus: As you wish, my dear. I was just finishing up, so he's all yours.
Shanoa: Why involve the villagers? This doesn't concern them.
Albus: Doesn't it? Worry not, dear Shanoa, everything will make sense when my plan is complete.
(Albus vanishes in sight. Shanoa absorbs the Glyph above to free the man)
George: So kind of you to save me.
Shanoa: Did he do anything strange? Where are the others?
George: He drew some of my blood and chanted a few words... As for the others, I heard him say he was going to the village. I'm worried.

Shanoa: The village again...? What is Albus trying to do?

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 1415:22

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 14

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Skeleton Cave
When: After defeating Maneater

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