For the Harmony of Dissonance stage, see Skeleton Cave (Harmony of Dissonance).
"It is said that on a moonless night, many graves were opened, and many bones stolen. The stench of death rose up, and the empty eyes of a thousand skulls set themselves to seek yet more tombs to befoul. Such was the price of a temple built from the bones of the fallen."
— In-game description.

The Skeleton Cave (葬送の骸窟 (そうそうのがいくつ) Sōsō no Gaikutsu, lit. "Skeleton Cave of Funeral") is a location in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.


The cave is a mysterious temple that was built by a horde of skeletons who rose from their graves one moonless night. It is filled with walking skeletons who regularly leave to rob more graves or kill victims to add more bones to the cave. It is unknown what possessed so many skeletons to rise and do such a thing, but the cave is ruled by the massive insect Maneater, who must use a large skull as a shell.

One thing to be noted is that some parts of the cave have the bones arranged in very decorative and creative ways, while others have them just in piles on the floor, implying some intelligent thought on behalf of the undead horde.


  • George can be found in this stage after defeating the Maneater. A cutscene plays where Albus can be seen imprisoning him inside a crystal. After he escapes, George can then be rescued.


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