Sir Grakul is a boss in Super Castlevania IV. He is a powerful knight, skilled in the use of medieval-era weaponry.


Super Castlevania IVEdit

After reaching the end of the Unliving Quarters, Simon Belmont comes across a suit of armor on display inside a decorated crystal case. Suddenly, an earthquake takes place and the armor comes to life, breaking out of its crystal cell and revealing himself as the intimidating knight, Sir Grakul.

He will throw his battle axe at Simon and this will return back to his hand. He will also smash it into the ground, generating two flames that will traverse across the floor, one on each direction. When ¾ of his life bar have been depleted, his battle axe will break apart and he will be forced to draw out his sword to continue the battle.

Enemy DataEdit

Grakul Cv4-grakul2
Sir Grakul アイアンクラッシャー Aiankurasshā (Iron Crusher)
7. Unliving Quarters


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