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Simon Belmont is the protagonist from Haunted Castle. One day, he was to be wed to Selena at the village's church. The couple were enveloped with happiness, as the wedding bells rang, their future seemed blessed. Suddenly, the empty sky was covered with dark clouds and with a rolling thunder that shook the earth, Dracula has once again awakened. He flew down during the middle of the wedding and suddenly took the bride with him. In order to save Selena, Simon headed to Dracula's demonic castle. After fighting his way through many foes, he eventually managed to vanquish Dracula himself. Standing atop a mountain cliff with Selena, he watched as the castle disappeared within the lake. [1]


  • It's possible this character is actually Simons Belmont, a descendant of Simon Belmont and not Simon himself, as stated in the Japanese classic video arcade game guide book Kaettekita Mēsakugēmu 2. In the Haunted Castle help video, the game's protagonist is named Simon. In Konami's Quiz Magic Academy VIII (2012) Haunted Castle's protagonist is once again stated to be Simons. It's possible the contradicting information in the help video is the result of an error. [2] [3]
  • The protagonist of Haunted Castle is referred to as "William" in the June issue of the Konami Software Club monthly newsletter. [4]

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