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Simon Belmont is a character in the Captain N: The Game Master animated series. He is a member of the N Team, a group conformed mostly of video game characters who defend the virtual realm of Videoland against the evil schemes of Mother Brain and other renown video game evildoers. He is loosely based on Simon Belmont, one of the main protagonists of the Castlevania video game series.

He is voiced by Andrew Kavadas.


At one point in the series, Simon and the N Team travel to his hometown, Castlevania, where they attend the so-called "Simon Belmont Awards", an event intended to celebrate his heroics and to present him the equipment of his famous great-grandfather, Trevor Belmont. Unfortunately, the equipment is stolen, but with Kevin's help they successfully retrieve the items.

Appearance and personalityEdit

The Simon Belmont of Captain N is portrayed very differently from the video game protagonist he is based on; instead of being a hero, he appears as a vain, masochistic man of beauty and style. He consistently admires himself and makes sure his hair is never a mess. Furthermore, he is a coward at heart, fleeing from any real danger and often leaving Kevin (the main protagonist) to fight.

Throughout the series, Simon is shown to have a crush on Princess Lana. From the moment the central character Kevin appears, he constantly fights to gain the princess's attention.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As expected, Simon's trademark weapon is the whip, which happens to be self-sentient and able to move on its own. Even though it is never referred by name in the series, this whip is most likely the Vampire Killer, as the character was based on the real Simon Belmont's appearances in both Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Simon also owns a seemingly bottomless backpack from which he is often able to pull a variety of strange and useful objects. Although the nature of this backpack is never explained, it is speculated to be magical due to coming from Simon's homeland.


  • Simon Belmont was voiced by Andrew Kavadas in the show. Kavadas' appearance was also used as the design for his character.
  • Even though Captain N had its origins on a couple of comic book series, Simon did not appear in any of them.

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