World map for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest which appeared in the NES Game Atlas. This map is based on a map which appeared in the Japanese manual for the game.


  1. Town of Jova
  2. Jova Woods
  3. South Bridge
  4. Veros Woods
  5. Veros Woods-2
  6. Berkeley Mansion
  7. Town of Veros
  8. Denis Woods
  9. Dabi's Path
  10. Dabi's Path-2
  11. Aljiba Woods
  12. Aljiba Woods-2
  13. Lower Road
  14. Yuba Lake
  15. Rover Mansion (Lauber Mansion)
  16. Town of Aljiba
  17. Camilla Cemetery (Camilla Cemetary)
  18. Belasco Marsh
  19. Dead River
  20. Dead River-2
  21. Brahm's Mansion
  22. Dead River-3
  23. Jam Wasteland (Southern Path) / Deborah Cliff
  24. Dead River-4
  25. Town of Alba (Aldra)
  26. Sadam Woods
  27. Storigoi Graveyard (Strigoi Graveyard)
  28. Sadam Woods-2
  29. Town of Ondol (Ondol, Andole)
  30. Jam Wasteland (Northern Path) / Deborah Cliff
  31. Bodley Mansion
  32. Uta Lower Road
  33. Uta Lower Road-2
  34. Debious Woods
  35. Joma Marsh
  36. Laruba Mansion
  37. Joma Marsh-2
  38. Wicked Ditch
  39. Town of Doina (Fetra)
  40. North Bridge
  41. Dora Woods
  42. East Bridge
  43. Denis Marsh
  44. Town of Yomi (Ghulash)
  45. Vrad Graveyard (Vlad Graveyard)
  46. West Bridge
  47. Castlevania

D2 09-1-

Original map in the Japanese manual (click to view full size image)


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