The Shrine of the Apostates is a location in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. It's a continuation of the Wailing Way, this time consisting more in traveling inside of mausoleums, with less graves seen in the background. A rather strange conversation takes place here, as Juste finds Maxim just standing around in a daze. Maxim tells him that he recalls being in the castle before and that since he put afoot inside, he has been feeling strange. Even when both are left confused by his words, they accord to keep looking for Lydie separately to cover more ground.

The boss of this stage is the Living Armor (Castle A). The first of many armors Juste will encounter through his journey. Not opposing a serious threat, he defeats it and obtains the Lizard Tail in the next room.

The other boss of this area is the Cyclops (Castle B), a monster who wields a massive warhammer and has quick dashing attacks. While a pair of platforms located in the room help in getting out of his way most of the times, players must be aware that a single hit from this creature can deal massive amounts of damage, even at higher levels.


  • It's worth mentioning a certain room in this level, which contains the burial chamber of what must have been an important character. Inside this room, the player will find the Energy Circle (Castle A), or a Heart max up (Castle B).

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