Short Range Weapons in Castlevania (N64) and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness are weak but quick close-range weapons. Like Long-Range Weapons, they are unique to each character and do not consume Red Jewels.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Short-Range Weapons
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Attack 2 (Short-range attack) - Castlevania 64 [ edit ]
Attack using your short-range weapon (dagger or ring) Action
Reinhardt, Carrie 
Lod-henryswrd-1- Dagger [alt] - Castlevania 64 [ edit ]
' Weapon (Short-Range Attack)
Lod-carriering-1- Ring [alt] - Castlevania 64 [ edit ]
' Weapon (Short-Range Attack)
Lod-cornclaw-1- Claw - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Short-Range)
ATK = 4
Lod-henryswrd-1- Short Sword (Dagger) - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Short-Range)
Reinhardt, Henry 
ATK = 5
Lod-carriering-1- Ring - Legacy of Darkness [ edit ]
' Weapon (Short-Range)
ATK = 7

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