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Shop Points are a hidden statistic in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Depending on how many points the player has accumulated throughout the game by spending gold at Vincent's shop, diverse new items will become available for purchase.


For every purchase the player makes, they'll earn 10% of the purchase price in Shop Points. Sales, however, yield varying amounts of points depending on the mode in which the sale takes place:

  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - 100%
  • Wireless Mode - 50%
  • Vincent's shop - none

Consulting the amount of Shop PointsEdit

The amount of Shop Points the player has accumulated so far is initially hidden from view. To consult how many Shop Points the player has, first they need to talk to Vincent Dorin at the castle's Entrance. In the menu screen (Buy/Sell/Item Display), the player has to press the R button and the number of Shop Points will display at the bottom-right of the screen.

Items unlockedEdit

The following items are unlocked by earning Shop Points:

Item Shop Points Price
Powdered Milk PoR Icon
Powdered Milk
1,000 $573
Miko Dress PoR Icon
Miko Dress
2,000 $5,800
Silk Negligee PoR Icon
Silk Negligee
3,000 $7,200
Feather Gear PoR Icon
Feather Gear
5,000 $19,800
Paludamentum PoR Icon
10,000 $15,000
Spiked Mail Icon
Spiked Mail
15,000 $33,000
Magical Ticket Icon
Magical Ticket
20,000 $1,000
Holy Claymore PoR Icon
Holy Claymore
25,000 $300,000
Record PoR Icon
Record 5
30,000 $30,000

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