Shanoa appeared as an unlockable character in the 3D fighting game Castlevania Judgment for the Wii. She is unlocked through a Wii-DS connection option from the game Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS, or by beating the True Story with her. Her outfit is something resembling a nun's.


In Judgement, Shanoa is pulled inside the Time Rift while searching for Albus, and returns to keep searching for him after defeating the Time Reaper in the game's Story Mode. Shanoa's primary concern in the Time Rift is finding a way out of it, however she does take the opportunity to test her abilities to determine if she has the power to face Dracula. She gained a measure of confidence in herself through combat with other champions who have defeated Dracula in the past (Grant, Maria, and Simon respectively).


She attacks with a variety of glyphs like Secare (sword), Hasta (lance), Arcus (bow), Lapiste (mistakenly identified as Grando), Ignis, Luminatio, Umbra, Dominus Hatred, and Dextro Custos and Sinestro Custos (twin biting Cerberus heads), which is surprising because the Cerberus glyphs are obtained after Shanoa finds Albus.


  • Short description: Glyph Master who was deprived of her memory and emotions.
  • "One day man shall look to dawn, without need to fear darkness."
  • "Such passion, I've forgotten what that feels like."
  • "I am the morning sun come to vanquish this horrible night." (An obvious nod to the infamous day-night / night-day quotes from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.)
  • "Thank you. It's been... illuminating."


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