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"I am the dark priest called Shaft."
—Shaft introducing himself to Alucard in Symphony of the Night
Japanese name シャフト Shafuto (Shaft)
Role Dark Priest, Dracula's Servant
Date of birth
Date of death 1792 and 1797
Appearance(s) 1792: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
1797: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night
Weapon(s) Magic, Element spell balls
Abilities Dark Sorcery
English Jeff Manning (Symphony of the Night)
Tony Oliver (The Dracula X Chronicles)
Japanese Kiyoyuki Yanada (Symphony of the Night)
Dai Matsumoto (The Dracula X Chronicles)
Relatives Dracula (master)
Music theme

Shaft (ja. シャフト) is a dark priest from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Character historyEdit

In 1792, Shaft resurrected Dracula and aided him in his plans to kidnap several young girls, including Maria Renard and Annette. Richter Belmont encountered him at least once in his adventure, and Shaft was defeated after conjuring several monsters previously fought by Simon Belmont. Exclusively in Dracula X Chronicles, Shaft's final fate depends on the hero's actions. If Richter or Maria failed to rescue Annette, she took the place of Shaft's Ghost as the boss of Stage 7, and Shaft's Ghost survives, arriving before Dracula is killed and protecting him long enough for him to escape. If Annette is rescued, Shaft's Ghost is fought properly and destroyed.

Shaft would come to exist only as a spirit transferred and kept in a crystal ball.[1]

In 1797, He kidnapped Richter and brainwashed him, knowing no mortal could defeat him because he was the strongest of all vampire hunters. Shaft was instrumental in using his evil powers to control Richter, turning him against anyone who would seek to defy the Count (unbeknownst to Maria and Alucard). Maria guessed that he was under supernatural coercion and helped Alucard see past Shaft's deceptions. Alucard was able to save Richter instead of killing him and put an end to the dark priest's ambitions.


  • Magic Mastery: Shaft can use many types of magic attacks, most of which are fire, ice, or lightning-based. Shaft usually uses his magic through his orbs.
  • Summoning the Dead: Like the Necromancer, Shaft can resurrect the dead.
  • Immortality: Shaft can be killed, like Death and Dracula, but he can return in ghost form.

Game-Specific InformationEdit

Castlevania: Rondo of BloodEdit


Shaft will not, at first, fight the player but instead summon The Mummy, Medusa, Phantom Bat, and Frankenstein Monster to fight, in that order. After all the monsters are taken care of, Shaft will teleport to fight Richter himself and summons orbs with elemental properties. They can transform into large flames that can be redirected with a strike. The orbs will also float to the top and unleash lightning downward. Shaft will also command the orbs to simply rotate around a point, creating an obstacle for Richter. 

Shaft's GhostEdit

The penultimate boss of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Shaft manages to cheat death itself for one last shot at you. When you enter the cermeonial chamber, his empty cloak appears on the altar, and soon comes to life. Shaft's ghost attacks mainly by flying around the room, continually pausing to summon the rotting remains of two past enemies: The Wyvern and the Behemoth. The Wyvern breathes fire and dives at the hero, while the Behemoth leaps out from the ground itself.

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

Shaft returns as the penultimate boss directly before encountering Dracula. He utitilizes orbs as he did in Rondo of Blood but they're far more numerous. The orbs also use the same elemental properties but attack in completely different ways. The orbs can turn into flaming spheres that launch toward Alucard's general direction that burst into towering flames on impact. When two orbs become parallel with each others they'll launch lightning continously between them. The orbs will also occasionally start to rebound around the room.

Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night'Edit

Main article: Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night/Arcade Mode#Shaft

Shaft appears as an opponent in story mode of Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night. He also is available as a playable character in Arcade Mode.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Shaft
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Shaft-1- Shaft  [ edit ]
Rondo of Blood
' HP: 92
Exp: 4000
6. Ceremonial Room
Shaftgho-1- Shaft's Ghost  [ edit ]
Rondo of Blood
' HP: 92
Exp: 3500
7. Clocktower
Shaft-bub-1- 145. Shaft  [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Dark Priest of Dracula. Strong: Poison (immune)
Level: 88
HP: 1300
Exp: n/a
Reverse Castle Center


Necromancer Dracula X
The Ghost in Dracula X similar to Shaft's ghost in Rondo of Blood.
Reinhart77Added by Reinhart77
  • Carmilla's abilities in Castlevania: Dracula X are similar Shaft's own powers in Rondo of Blood.
  • Ghost on Stage 4' of Castlevania: Dracula X, is basically Shaft's equivalent in the game.
  • In Dracula X Chronicles, the remake of Rondo of Blood, Shaft's skin tone was changed to match the Symphony of the Night artwork of his ghostly self.
  • Also in Dracula X Chronicles, if the player has not yet felled his ghost, Shaft will appear after Dracula's second form is defeated. The two villains will flee, thus ending the battle and the game prematurely.
  • Dracula X Chronicles also changes the storyline of the original game somewhat by giving Shaft a somewhat larger role — he was ironically responsible for detecting and unlocking Maria's magical potential (rather than Maria getting caught while trying to be a hero), and was also the one to explicitly kidnap Annette.
  • According to David Cox's post on Facebook, in Lords of Shadow universe, Zobek is an amalgamation of Shaft and Death.[2]

Fan SpeculationEdit

Necromancer Circle of the Moon
The Necromancer in Circle of the Moon is similar to Shaft's Ghost
Reinhart77Added by Reinhart77


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  2. Mercury Steam Producer Reveals Top 10 Secrets About Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 « Video Game News, Reviews, Previews and Blog

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