Dialogue Data: Sealed Room (edit)
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COTM-Nathan DialogueNathan Graves

COTM-Morris DialogueMorris Baldwin COTM-Hugh DialogueHugh Baldwin COTM-Dracula DialogueDracula COTM-Camilla DialogueCamilla

Dracula's Resurrection
(Camilla stands in front of Dracula's coffin)

Camilla: We crave the presence of the embodiment of suffering, the ruler of darkness!
(Camilla raises her arms and a shaft of light from above strikes the coffin. The ground rumbles and the coffin bursts to reveal Dracula)
Dracula: I have waited for this moment, to be awake again. To bask in the darkness and feel the moonlight within.
Camilla: Count Dracula, I am honored to be in your presence.
Dracula: Indeed. Though I lack my full power.
Camilla: We are preparing the rite to replenish your power...
Morris Baldwin: Stop!
(Morris Baldwin enters along with his two apprentices, Hugh Baldwin and Nathan Graves)
Morris Baldwin: You cannot be allowed to taint the world!
Dracula: You... I remember... you were one of the Vampire Killers that sealed me. ... you've aged.
Morris Baldwin: It is our duty to see you banished.
Dracula: Amusing. To use my nemesis' life power to return my power. I have no use for children. Be gone!
(Dracula lifts his arm, and a bat comes out of his cloak and breaks away the ground underneath Hugh and Nathan)
Morris Baldwin: Hugh! Nathan!
Nathan Graves: Master!
Hugh Baldwin: Father!
(The two fall a long ways down to the Catacomb)
Nathan Graves: Hmm... no creatures around here. Hugh, are you okay?
Hugh Baldwin: Yeah. We were just brushed aside and ignored...
Nathan Graves: We have to find Master.
Hugh Baldwin: I'll go. He's my father. Nathan, you'll be in the way. Just get out of here.
(Hugh runs off)

Nathan Graves: I want to find Master as much as anybody.

Castlevania Circle of the Moon 100% 01 Opening08:50

Castlevania Circle of the Moon 100% 01 Opening

Game: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Location: Sealed Room

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