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Salamander as it appears in Dracula X

Great speed and mobility
Jumps up from underwater and slams its body on the hero
Spits fireballs


The Salamander is a reptilian creature who dwells in fire. In the Castlevania series, it commonly appears as a serpent-like dragon who flies through the air, rather than the lizard-like animal from which it takes its name, and is heavily associated with the fire element.

It usually appears throughout the series as a spell which will summon this creature to deal heavy fire damage to all enemies on screen.

It has been also used defensively, like in Circle of the Moon, where its attribute card can be used in combination with other cards to resist or absorb fire attacks.


Salamander - 01

A 16th century image of a salamander dwelling in the fire from The Book of Lambspring

The salamander is an amphibian of the order Urodela which, as with many real creatures, often has been ascribed fantastic and sometimes occult qualities by pre-modern authors (as in the allegorical descriptions of animals in medieval bestiaries) not possessed by the real organism. The legendary salamander is often depicted as a typical salamander in shape, with a lizard-like form, but is usually ascribed an affinity with fire, sometimes specifically elemental fire.

The association of the salamander with fire appeared first in ancient Greece, where Pliny the Elder writes in his Natural History that "a salamander is so cold that it puts out fire on contact. It vomits from its mouth a milky liquid; if this liquid touches any part of the human body, it causes all the hair to fall off and the skin to change color and break out in a rash." The ability to put out fire is repeated by Saint Augustine in the 5th century and Isidore of Seville in the 7th century.

Legends have developed around the salamander over the centuries, many related to fire. This connection likely originates from the tendency of many salamanders to dwell inside rotting logs. When placed into a fire, the salamander would attempt to escape from the log, lending to the belief that salamanders were created from flames.


Castlevania: Dracula XEdit

The first appearance of a salamander in the series was in Dracula X. However, this creature was only called "Salamander" by name, as it was really the Dracula X version of the Serpent from Rondo of Blood. Instead of being a fire-elemental dragon, this creature dwelt underwater and couldn't fly through the air (although it still had the ability to breath fire).

Name JPN
Sunken City (Stage 5')

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

In Symphony of the Night, the spell performed by using the Fire Shield's combo spell, either with a Shield Rod or with a Mablung Sword, will spawn three fiery dragons who will attack all enemies (50 MP).

Castlevania: Circle of the MoonEdit

Salamander card

Salamander attribute card from Circle of the Moon

In Circle of the Moon, one of the DSS cards is the "Salamander" attribute card. When combined with other cards it will produce fire effects, such as a flame whip, a fire sword, or a fire-spitting bat familiar. When combined with the Uranus card, the Salamander itself will be summoned. Flaming meteors will rain down as the giant lizard rolls down the screen, doing a large amount of damage (160 MP).

It should be noted that this is the only time in the series where the Salamander is portrayed as a lizard-like creature and not the serpent-like dragon which appears in the rest of the games.

Castlevania: Harmony of DissonanceEdit

In Harmony of Dissonance, the similar magic "Soul of Hydra" appears as a spell fusion by combining the axe sub-weapon infused with the powers of the Fire Book. A giant hydra engulfed in flames will be summoned and it will attack one enemy on the screen. It will deliver heavy and constant damage to that enemy for a brief period of time. If the enemy dies, the hydra will seek and attack another enemy. If no enemies are left on the screen, the hydra will just slither through the air for a moment and then leave.

Castlevania: Curse of DarknessEdit

Salamander CoD Icon

The Salamander ability can be learned by the Goat Head, a Mage-Type Innocent Devil.

Castlevania: Portrait of RuinEdit

Salamander is one of Charlotte Aulin's magic spell skills in Portrait of Ruin. It summons a flaming serpent that circles around it's target, causing fire damage. It is the most expensive spell which can be bought at Vincent's shop ($200,000) and it will be only available after defeating Brauner in the Lost Gallery.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Salamander
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Salamander CoD Icon Salamander - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A blazing fire dragon attacks foes for a brief period. Innocent Devil Abilities
Goat Head 
Consume: 30 Hearts  First Obtained: Move with Hector continuously for over an hour.
Spell PoR Icon Salamander - Portrait of Ruin [ edit ]
An ancient fire spell that summons a powerful fire lizard. Magic Spell
Attrib: Fire
Consume: 120 MP 
Base Attack: 10/20 (Half/Full charge)
Buy: $200,000 Find: Entrance (Vincent's shop)
Conditions: Defeat Brauner in the Lost Gallery
Effect: The Salamander circles through, and damages enemies in a duration. Can hit multiple times.
Special: Fully charged: The Salamander's duration is doubled.





  • In some Castlevania games, the Salamander resembles either the Intruder enemy from the Gradius series, or Zelos (dragon form) from the Salamander series, both also from Konami. These enemies are portrayed as serpent-like dragons engulfed in flames, who can shoot fireballs from their mouths while trying to make contact with the player's ship by slithering through the air.

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