Rusty is a Castlevania-like game produced by C-Lab in 1993 for the NEC PC-9800 home computer in Japan. It implemented many elements that were rarely used in past games, such as keys and whip-swinging obstacles.


  • Rusty: The female protagonist of the game, a vampire huntress.
  • Marquis Monte-Carlo: The main villain, a Dracula-like vampire.


Comparison of Images
Rusty Rondo of Blood
Comparison1-Rusty Comparison1-Rondo
Comparison2-Rusty Comparison2-Rondo
Comparison3-Rusty Comparison3-Rondo
Comparison4-Rusty Comparison4-Rondo
Comparison5-Rusty Comparison5-Rondo
Comparison6-Rusty Comparison6-Rondo
Comparison7-Rusty Comparison7-Rondo
Comparison8-Rusty Comparison8-Rondo
Comparison9-Rusty Comparison9-Rondo
Comparison10-Rusty Comparison10-Rondo
Comparison11-Rusty Comparison11-Rondo
Comparison12-Rusty Comparison12-Rondo
Comparison13-Rusty Comparison13-Rondo
Comparison14-Rusty Comparison14-Rondo


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