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Robot Chicken created a parody sketch of Castlevania titled "Is that a Whip?", featuring models based on Simon Belmont's and Dracula's NECA action figures. At the beginning of the sketch, Simon storms into Dracula's castle while two butlers try to stop him revealing themselves to be wolf men. They mock at him when he takes out his whip, only to be subdued moments later and forced to lead him to their master's chamber. Dracula faces Simon and he starts mocking at him too for using a whip to fight against the powers of darkness, only to be subdued too while he attempts to escape by transforming into a bat. The two wolf men watch everything from outside a nearby window and comment that Simon could be just a sadist with a whip fetish.



Robot Chicken - "Is that a Whip?"01:06

Robot Chicken - "Is that a Whip?"


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