The Rising Assault is a weapon skill found in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games. It is performed after an Area Attack and creates a whirlwind that lifts many smaller enemies around the player off of the ground by pressing the Jump button. This leaves them vulnerable to an aerial combo. The Direct Attack counterpart to this move is the Rising Strike.


Item DataEdit

Item Data: Rising Assault
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Rising Assault - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
This area attack will lift up all surrounding smaller enemies, allows additional attacks to be combined with it. Skill (Advanced Move)
First Obtained: Start with
Sequence: [Area Attack] + [Jump]
Rising Assault - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Quick circular rising attack that makes it possible to lift weak creatures directly into the air. Skill
Conditions: Level 7  Sequence: [Area Attack][Jump]
Rising Sweep - Lords of Shadow 2 [ edit ]
Direct rising attack that can lift up smaler enemies in front of you, allowing additional attacks to be continued. Skill (Shadow Whip)
First Obtained: Start with
Sequence: [Area Attack] [Jump]
Rising Cut - Lords of Shadow 2 [ edit ]
Area rising cut that can lift up all smaller enemies around you, allowing additional attacks to be added whilst airborne. Skill (Void Sword, Crissaegrim)
Dracula, Alucard 
First Obtained: Start with when weapon available
Sequence: [Jump] [Area Attack]

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