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Riot Mechs are giant robots used by Riot Police in Lords of Shadow 2. They have an armored head that can be destroyed with the Chaos Claws, and have separated weapons that can be destroyed. The cluster rocket launcher and flamethrower can be destroyed by using a Chaos Bomb. The cannon can be destroyed by using a Void Projection, clogging up the cannon with ice, causing it to explode and finally the machine gun can be temporarily rendered useless with a Void Projection.


The military industry has designed a number of tools of death to give their troops a greater tactical advantage, but few are as twisted and destructive as the Riot Mech. The operator of this enormous two-legged tank can use a combination flamethrower, grenade launcher and high-caliber machine gun to defeat a battalion of a hundred men armed to the teeth, all by himself. The Thick armor gives it total protection against impacts, but it has a serious problem with its motor overheating. So to keep the mech from exploding, engineers have devised a solution via two fragile cooling pipes which are temporarily released whenever this becomes a problem.


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