The Reverse Castle Center (逆さ城中心部 Sakasajō Chūshinbu?) is opened when the player has collected all of Dracula's remains.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Reverse Castle Center
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Shaft-bub 145. Shaft  [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Dark Priest of Dracula. Strong: Poison (immune)
Level: 88
HP: 1,300
Exp: n/a
Reverse Castle Center
Drac-sotn 146. Dracula [Lv. 98]  [alt] [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Lord of Wallachia. Father of Alucard. Strong: Fire, Thunder (both resist), Poison (immune), Dark (absorb)
Level: 98
HP: 9,999
Exp: n/a
Reverse Castle Center (Alucard only)


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