Rare Ring

The Rare Ring (called Ring of Arcana in the North American version of Symphony of the Night, and Thief Ring in Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia and Harmony of Despair) is a ring which increases the chances enemies will drop both common and rare items. It appears in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Curse of Darkness, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia and Harmony of Despair. Depending on the game, it may also provide a Luck boost.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Rare Ring
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Ring of Arcana Icon Ring of Arcana (Rare Ring) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
Increases Rare Item Appearance Other (Ring)
Find: Long Library, Necromancy Lab
Rare Ring Icon Rare Ring (jpn) - Harmony of Dissonance [ edit ]
Increases the appearance rare of rate items. Goods
Juste Belmont 
Find: Skeleton Cave (Castle A)
Rare Ring AoS Icon Rare Ring (jpn) - Aria of Sorrow [ edit ]
Increases the appearance rate of rare items. Goods
LCK +5
Sell: $5,000 
Find: The Arena
Effect: Increased item drop rate.
Rarering Rare Ring (jpn) - Dawn of Sorrow [ edit ]
A ring that raises the appearance of rare items. Goods
LCK +5
Sell: $25,000 
Find: Silenced Ruins
Effect: Increases chance of rare items appearing.
Rare Ring Rare Ring (jpn) - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
Wearing this, enemies become more likely to drop items. Accessory
Find: Forest of Jigramunt
Thief Ring Icon Thief Ring (Rare Ring) - Portrait of Ruin [ edit ]
A ring that increases the chances of finding rare items. Accessory (Ring)
Jonathan, Charlotte 
Sell: $50,000  Find: Entrance
Conditions: Complete "Find the King of Birds" quest. 
Effect: Increases chance of rare items appearing.
Thief Ring OoE Icon Thief Ring (Rare Ring) - Order of Ecclesia [ edit ]
Increases the drop rate of rare items. Accessory (Ring)
LCK +7
Find: Dracula's Castle
Ring of Arcana - Encore of the Night [ edit ]
Feeling Lucky? Accessory (Ring)
LCK +25
Reward: Veteran Collector
Thief Ring Icon Thief Ring (Rare Ring) - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Ring that increases your chance of finding rare items. Accessory (Ring)
LCK +10
Sell: (cannot be sold) 
Rarity: ****
Drop: Puppet Master (Hard) and Ryukotsuki (Normal)


  • By using the Dual Slot System on a Nintendo DS or DS Lite, a second Rare Ring can be automatically obtained by placing a completed Aria of Sorrow cartridge in the GBA Slot before turning on the system and starting a New Game in Dawn of Sorrow.

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