Quick Time Events (or QTEs) are a gameplay mechanic featured in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series. These involve the player pressing a certain combination of buttons (sometimes also including directional movements) in an animation-driven sequence. Most QTEs occur during or after a boss battle. However, the player can choose to play the entire game with the QTEs automatically executed via the game Options.


There are two types of QTEs; the first is a typical button-mashing, while the second forces the player to time a certain key press with the graphical aid of a circle. A successful QTE either guarantees a kill or triggers the next phase in a boss battle; otherwise, a failed QTE will have the player character damaged and the enemy having its HP restoring to a certain percentage.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Edit

Now that Dracula himself is the playable character in this game, he is able to grab any enemy having a critical amount of health. During this QTE sequence, the player must press the [GRAB] button once more when the circle glows yellow in order for Dracula to finish the enemy by consuming it, healing him in the process.

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