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The Queen of the Fairies is the ruler of the Fairies living in the Land of the Lycans and surrounding areas. She pledged that her she and her people would help the warrior who had come to destroy the Lycan Lord Cornell. She speaks in an unknown language, but those she speaks too can understand her just the same. She is capable of speaking to individuals in there dreams. She is a beautiful woman, bewitching, mesmerizing, and her beauty is is like nothing else in the world.

She spoke to one of the Knights of Light of the Brotherhood of Light telling him the the great warrior would come who would save them.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the note that talks about the queen, the Knight closes his scroll by saying, "I can happily declare that the 'Cake' is not a lie!" This is a nod to the game Portal. The game is known for the line, "The Cake is a Lie".

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