Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar: Byō to Deru! Megane-kun (ピューと吹く!ジャガー ビョ~と出る!メガネくん) is a game based on the Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar manga by SHONEN JUMP. It was released for the Game Boy Advance handheld system only in Japan on April 29th, 2004.


The game is conformed by many different game types, like shooters, side scrollers, overhead view, etc. One of the stages is Dracula's Castle and plays like Castlevania.

Castlevania characters galleryEdit

For additional artwork, please visit Pyuu to Fuku Artwork.


Pyuu to Fuku! Jogger Byuu to Deru! Megane-Kun

Pyuu to Fuku! Jogger Byuu to Deru! Megane-Kun

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