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Puppet Master
Alternate Names
Toy Puppet
Mechanical Monster


The Puppet Master is the Toy Maker's battle machine in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. He uses it to fight Dracula after being corrupted by the castle's blood. It was created to control the Maker's many other puppets from above.

Toy Puppet

It can jump and try to crush Dracula, and uses different attacks to catch the vampire. When damaged, it can extend its legs and change its strategy. He summons two deadly mechanical creatures during the fight: the Knight and the Dragon.

At the end of the fights, it is destroyed by Dracula, and the Toy Maker is purged of the corrupted blood.



  • This creature was inspired by the Puppet Master from past games, especially the one from Dawn of Sorrow.
  • The Puppet Master's puppets reflect Gabriel Belmont's own story: The knight fighting for his loved one mirrors Gabriel's quest to resurrect Marie Belmont as a warrior for the Brotherhood of Light, and the dragon refers to Gabriel's vampiric name, Dracul.

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