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Platinum Blade
Japanese name
Game Castlevania: Order of Shadows
Type Sub-Weapons (Sword)
User Desmond Belmont
Description A blade forged of the purest platinum. Its light weight aids its speed.
Stat Modifier Damage = 24
Speed = Fast
Range = Medium
Consumption 6 MP
Found At Candle in Bat's Belfry

The Platinum Blade is a very fast sword due to its light weight. This sword can be found in candle along the upper bridge section of the Bat's Belfry. It is swung at a about his waist. The Platinum Blade is somewhat faster than the Leather Whip, but it is a little weaker and is used as a magic-consuming sub-weapon. It is one of two weapons that are considered "Fast". It is weaker than the other one, Muramasa, but consumes less energy and is longer.

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