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Personal Skills are unique actions that a particular character in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair can perform at the beginning of the game. They can be performed by pressing a designated button (default is the RB button). Soma Cruz is the only character who is able to customize what the pressing the personal action button does, as his personal skill is the ability to utilize a variety of Guardian Souls. Yoko Belnades does not have a personal skill. Some personal skills are also be considered Martial Arts.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Personal Skills (edit)
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Guardian Soul - Harmony of Despair
Once you have a Guardian Soul equipped, you may use it with a press of the Personal Skill button. Personal Skill
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Mist Form - Harmony of Despair
' Personal Skill
Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Effect: Turns into mist to avoid an attack.
Bound Spells - Harmony of Despair
Magic acquired by locking projectiles and other enemy spells within the pages of the Book of Binding. If you succeed, the magic becomes your own. Personal Skill
Consume: 10 MP, continual MP over time to maintain  Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Effect: Creates an energy field which can block projectiles and capture magical attacks
Magnes - Harmony of Despair
Create an attractive magnetic field. Personal Skill Glyph
Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Xuan Wu - Harmony of Despair
Summon the Black Tortoise to protect you. Personal Skill (Sacred Beast)
Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Effect: Defense boosted when used, much like Jonathan's Guard
Swing Whip - Harmony of Despair
Julius's whip can also be used to latch onto and hang from magnets; just keep the button held down. Personal Skill
Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default RB)
Guard - Harmony of Despair
Assume a stance that boosts your defense. (Note: Can be used similarly to backdash canceling when used in the air by alternating hunter skill and guard or pressing simultaneously.) Martial Arts/Personal Skill
Rarity: *
Find: (starts with)
Sequence: [Personal Skill] (default is RB)

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