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Perfect Selection Dracula ~New Classic~
Dracula new classic ps front
Release date(s)
Apr 22nd, 1992
Catalog number(s)
¥ 3,000

Number of discs
Number of tracks
Total length
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Perfect Selection Dracula ~New Classic~ is a classical arrangement album from different Castlevania games. It was released on April 22nd, 1992; with arrangements by Jun Irie along with the Konami Symphonic Ensemble and Nazo² Project. The first track, Vampire Killer ~ Wicked Child, is used in many symphonic game music concerts nowadays.

Track listEdit

  1. Vampire Killer ~ Wicked Child
  2. Dwelling of Doom
  3. Beginning
  4. Monster Dance
  5. Hearts of Fire ~ Out of Time
  6. The Cave
  7. Bloody Tears
  8. Theme from "The Legend of Dracula"
  9. Praying Hands
  10. Evergreen

Additional informationEdit

  • Composed by Konami Kukeiha Club
  • Arranged by Jun Irie
  • Performed by Nazo² Project with Konami Symphonic Ensemble
  • Sound Production: Nazo² Project
  • Guitars: Nazo Nazo Suzuki
  • Arrange & Keyboards: Jun Irie
  • Synthesizer Operator: Hideki Matsutake

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