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Akumajō Dracula (悪魔城ドラキュラ) is a Japan-exclusive pachislot (often mistaken for pachinko) game created by Konami Parlor Entertainment. Released on 5 January 2009. It features characters from Curse of Darkness and stars Trevor Belmont in the leading role. During special modes of play, the players are treated to cinematic scenes that advance the plot of the game. These are original scenes done in the same style as the cut scenes for Curse of Darkness. In 2010, it was followed by Pachislot Akumajō Dracula II.


Although this game has characters who featured in the PS2 Castlevania games, it is not clear if this game has any relationship to other games in the series. It likely recreates the events in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse as it showcases several bosses (such as Alucard, the Doppelganger down to his red tinted attacks, and Dracula's third form). If this is the case, then it would appear that Isaac existed during the events of Dracula's Curse. It is also possible that this game is a stand alone story, meaning a spin-off to the story of Curse of Darkness or Dracula's Curse.

The game starts with Trevor going to Dracula's Castle in order to defeat Dracula. Aiding him in his quest is a sorceress named Angela, who is able to take down many enemies at a time and restore Trevor's health and will to continue to fight. Trevor also encounters the time traveler Saint Germain on his mission. He encounters and battles a Succubus, Medusa, Isaac and Zead, who turns out to be Death.


As a slot game, the basic goal is to get a set of three symbols to constitute a winning sequence. The symbols appear in the reel include red 7's (featuring Trevor's face), blue 7's (featuring Dracula's Castle), yellow stop-watches, watermelons with knives stuck in them, red/blue/black cherries, blue holy water, and a black devil forgemaster crest.

The highest paying out set is three sevens. If the 7s are of the same color, it is a big bonus worth 348 credits. If they are of mixed colors, it is a regular bonus worth 59 credits. The next highest set is two yellow-stop watches preceded by either a seven, devil forgemaster crest, or another stopwatch, which is worth 12. Three knife-impaled watermelons is worth 5 credits. There are three sets which are worth a single credit. These are three devil forgemaster crests, a red seven followed by two black cherries, or three cherries, which can be of any color. Three holy waters is worth a replay. Trevor then battles and defeats Dracula.

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【♪ trezire de spirit 】 Full Music of Pachi-slot Castlevania02:59

【♪ trezire de spirit 】 Full Music of Pachi-slot Castlevania

Music from the game with a slide show.

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