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The Orb (オーブ Ōbu), introduced in the 2003 Sony PlayStation 2 game Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, is a variant of the Magic Crystal, which can be obtained after the player defeat the stage bosses, except for the White Orb, which is placed in a hidden room in the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. There are seven Orbs in the game, only five of which are necessary to complete the game. Once obtained an orb, it is never lost or used up. Orb effects consume hearts.

The player can choose one of the Orbs to combine with a Sub-Weapon, creating a more powerful attack or even Item Crash. There are various attacks depending on the chosen orb.

Main article: Effect Orb System
  • Red Orb
Obtained by defeating the Golem
  • Purple Orb
Obtained by defeating Medusa
  • Blue Orb
Obtained by defeating the Undead Parasite
  • Green Orb
Obtained by defeating Joachim Armster
  • Yellow Orb
Obtained by defeating Succubus
  • White Orb
Placed in a hidden room in the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. To enter the room, the player must defeat the Flame Elemental and the Frost Elemental and use the whips dropped from their defeat.
  • Black Orb
Obtained by defeating the Forgotten One
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