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A One-Up (or 1UP) is a rare and hidden item found in classic Castlevania games. It will grant the player an extra life.

Extra lives can also be gained by reaching a certain amount of score points. Picking up money bags or coins, acquiring certain valuable items, killing enemies, killing many enemies with just one use of a sub-weapon (triggering the score multiplier), or being awarded bonus points at the end of a level for the amount of time remaining on the timer, or by the amount of HP or hearts left, are ways to increase a player's score.

Satisfying some requirements particular to certain games (as in the case of Dracula X, where the requirement is to finish a level without taking damage) will also award the player with an extra life.

While playing as Maria in Rondo of Blood, the player can pick up a similar item, although having the form of Richter. It is called "Richter Doll" in the instruction booklet.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: One-Up
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
One-Up Icon One-Up (jpn) - Castlevania [ edit ]
' Hidden Item
Simon Belmont 
1up 1 Up on the Count - Adventure [ edit ]
Gives you an extra life to play with. Item
Christopher Belmont 
One-Up Icon 1-Up - Dracula's Curse [ edit ]
This gives you a bonus life (a big plus!). Item
1 Up SC4 Icon 1 Up - Super Castlevania IV [ edit ]
Adds a bonus life Item
Simon Belmont 
1up TA Icon 1up - Belmont's Revenge [ edit ]
' Item
Christopher Belmont 
1-up CH Icon 1-Up - Chronicles [ edit ]
Gives you an extra life. Item
Simon Belmont 
RoB 1Up1 Up SOTN DXC Icon(TurboGrafx 16/PSP) 1UP - Rondo of Blood [ edit ]
An extra life. Item
RoB Richter Doll1 Up 2 SOTN DXC Icon(TurboGrafx 16/PSP) Richter Doll - Rondo of Blood [ edit ]
The number of remaining lives increases by one. Item
1-Up Bloodlines Icon 1-Up - Bloodlines [ edit ]
Adds one player life. Item
John Morris, Eric Lecarde 
Gb3-1up 1UP - Legends [ edit ]
Increases your remaining lives by 1. Normal Item