The Old Crone (Old Woman in the Japanese version) is a merchant in the game Vampire Killer, and the first one to appear in any Castlevania game. She's a mysterious woman who lives in Dracula's castle, and she usually can be found hidden behind breakable blocks.


Several Old Crones can be found within the same stage, each having their own stock of salable items or providing specific services. Each merchant will behave differently after being whipped a certain amount of times. After being struck, they may offer Simon something to sell or increase/decrease his current amount of Hearts. Their prices will decrease if the player has acquired a White Bible and increase if they have a Black Bible.

They'll disappear after being struck eight times or if Simon uses the Gold Cross when one's on the screen.


There are four types of Old Crones, each identified by the color of her robe:

  • White - Does not provide any services.
  • Red - Trades items.
  • Brown - Gives or takes away five Hearts, depending on the color of Bible Simon is currently holding.
  • Blue - Raises or lowers the current stage's difficulty by one level.[1]

The type and services an Old Crone provides can be restored if the player moves to another screen and then returns. However, if the player only moves away from an Old Crone without changing screens, her robe will turn to white and she won't provide further services.


The following is a list of all possible items sold by Old Crones in the game and the price changes if holding either a White or a Black Bible.

Item Normal Price w/White Bible w/Black Bible
Candle 20 15 60
Battle Star 20 10 80
Broadsword 50 30 90
Holy Water 30 10 50
Hourglass 40 20 80
Potion 40 15 80
Shield (A) 20 10 60
Shield (B) 20 10 80
Wand 30 20 60



  • A similar character, the Flautist, appears at the middle part of the Underground Aqueduct in Castlevania Chronicles. This time, however, this mysterious hooded character offers a variety of items which appear rotating above him. Simon can choose which one to get by whipping it. If none of them are satisfactory, though, he can actually whip the flautist and he'll change the items offered after each strike.


  1. The game's instruction booklet does not mention this. It was revealed years later by Konami for the introduction of the MSX-U system.

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