Dialogue Data: Oblivion Ridge (edit)
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Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogue1Albus

Tracing Albus
(Shanoa approaches the farthest portion of Oblivion Ridge)

Shanoa: I sense strong magic behind that door... it's Dominus.
(Shanoa enters the chapel and find the last piece of Dominus floating inside. She approaches the Glyph but ends up trapped in the same crystal used by Albus)
Albus: Try to relax, Shanoa; no more interfering. About those Dominus pieces, by the way... It's time to explain why I gave them to you.
(Albus absorbs the Glyph)
Albus: Gyaaaaah! It's working... I FEEL IT!
Shanoa: But Barlowe said you weren't able to bear Glyphs... Did you... You let me absorb the other two just to see how it's done!
Albus: Ha! You see, I--Urgh... Hng! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!
(Albus suddenly change, clutching his head and becomes irritated)
Shanoa: ...What's happening?
Albus: ...And now... My wish will be... Shanoa, I--
(Albus looks up and struggles to control the power of Dominus)
Albus: Rrgh... What!? Th-This can't be!
(Albus clutches his head once more)
Albus: No... I've come too far... I will NOT be consumed! ...We'll settle this later, Shanoa.
(Albus vanishes away)

Shanoa: Wait, Albus! This is bad... Master Barlowe will know what to do.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 2612:34

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 26

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Oblivion Ridge

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