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Nostradamus is a famous seer (b. 1503 d. 1566) who prophesied about Dracula's return in 1999. Dracula rose as predicted, but was destroyed completely when the vampire hunters sealed his castle in a total eclipse, thus ending his cycle of regeneration. He also predicted that in the year 2035, a new master will come to the castle, and he will inherit ALL of Dracula's powers. This too came to pass, as Soma Cruz, who had Dracula's Soul, came to the castle and gained all of Dracula's abilities.

Nostradamus lived in a time after Dracula's defeat by Trevor and his allies, but before Dracula's first resurrection during his battle Christopher Belmont. It is possible that he foresaw all of Dracula's resurrections, but the only one mentioned in the game is the one in 1999. Nostradamus's prophesy was well known in the 19th and 20th Centuries as the forces of good prepared for Dracula's great return in 1999. The Belmont Clan swore to never to use the Vampire Killer whip again until that fateful day and left it with the Morris Clan for safe keeping. After Dracula's ultimate defeat in 1999, those born at the moment of Dracula's death possessed some of his powers and became candidates for the next Dark Lord. One of these men, Graham Jones started a cult and believed that he was the man Nostradamus had predicted to become the new master of Dracula's Castle. Graham had indeed inherited some of Dracula's powers and when he learned of Soma's gift of dominance, he made his way to the throneroom as fast as he could to claim the Castle as his own. Soma defeated Graham though and gained the Castle's powers. He was able to prevent himself from becoming the next Dark Lord though by battling Chaos and freeing himself from his destiny.

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