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Dialogue Data: Necromancer (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
COTM-Nathan DialogueNathan Graves

COTM-Necromancer DialogueNecromancer

Necromancer Battle
(Nathan enters the Necromancer's Lair, inside the Audience Room)

Necromancer: Extraordinary! To be dropped into the Abyss and still live. But your luck is about to run out.
Nathan Graves: Get out of my way!
Necromancer: Child, before I finish you, I will tell you some news. Your precious Master is already in our power.
Nathan Graves: What!!
Necromancer: That old man will feed us with his soul. The rite has been prepared and we only await the full moon.
Nathan Graves: No!

(The battle begins)
Castlevania Circle of the Moon Boss 2 Necromancer - No Damage, No Subweapons06:21

Castlevania Circle of the Moon Boss 2 Necromancer - No Damage, No Subweapons

Game: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Location: Audience Room

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