The Navigators are avatars that originated from one single traveller. Drawn to the dark energy of the castle, the creature's prolonged exposure to the castle deformed him and split him up into several different dimensional planes. The multiplied creature adapted, becoming free of gravity, space and time. The plural creature went on to occupy several corners of the castle. Their self-control outside the realm of existence allows them to transport anyone to different areas. With Dracula asleep, the Navigators could no longer feed off his power, dying out over time. Their lifeless remains can still be seen around the castle.

In Revelations, Alucard's Timeless Vision power can temporarily reverse time, bringing a Navigator back to life, which can transport him to other parts of the castle.


He was originally a traveller from another plane with a humanoid appearance who, attracted by the evil of the castle, succumbed to the void power within it. The extreme, prolonged exposure to the energy that Dracula offered deformed him and divided his being into different deformed avatars, free from concepts such as pain, time or existence itself. The plural creature adapted to the lack of gravity or space-related limitations of beings that exist in just one plane, expanding and occupying several corners of the castle at the same time.

Moved by the need to satisfy the Keeper of the Void Sword, the Navigators responded to his presence, folding space around him and transporting him from one point in the fortress to another. However, the Dragon's sleep detained the energy flow needed to prevail and, after several centuries, they finally perished.


Navigators can be found in:


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