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A "funny" clown couldn't be missing in a circus
Circus, City
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Sandy Grave Tower of Death

Nation of Fools is a location in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

General informationEdit

The Nation of Fools resembles a deranged circus near a destroyed town and has one of the most unique map designs in Castlevania. It is oriented to a center of gravity in the middle of the map, and thus each "side" of the square-shaped level is different. The top appears to be upside-down, each side is on its side, and the bottom is normal. This applies to the enemies and obstacles, all of which behave according to the level's gravity. However, stronger enemies such as White Dragons and most flying enemies are not affected by gravity. The heroes remain oriented as usual, which makes it exceptionally difficult to dodge vertical Medusa Heads or sideways-hopping Flea Men. The level features fire and blade traps, as well as Killer Clowns, White Dragons, Harpies, Slimes, Armor Knight, Coppelias, Spittle Bones and Hanged Bones. The boss, fought in the center of the map, is Legion.


Nation of Fools


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