Naiad Attack
Japanese name
Appears in Lords of Shadow
Location The Dead Bog (Chapter 1)
Health Points
Experience Points
Skill Points
See also: Hand

The Naiad are creatures that live in shallow swamps. They spend most of their time beneath the surface, although their presence can be detected by air bubbles rising to the surface. They appear in regular intervals in the same location. If walking by one when they are there, they will reach out with their long limbs and drag you to the bottom of the swamp.

Book Entry: A large part of the danger in the swamps lies in the hands of creatures known as Naiads. These living things are usually passive, lying inconspicuously on riverbeds and in muddy, damp places, waiting until someone stumbles within range. When they attack, their unfortunate victims usually mistake their limbs for branches and are soon drowned... and eaten. In days gone by, these once beautiful creatures were worshiped and sacrifices were made to them, but they are now forgotten by humans and have become evil predators, plaguing both wandering man and beast alike.


Naiad and Hylas

A Naiad by John William Waterhouse, 1893

In Greek Mythology, Naiads are "water nymphs" worshipped by humans through rituals, where they are believed to be sources of medicinal waters.

Some Naiads with names are Daphnis, Salmacis, and Chlidanope.

Related ScrollsEdit

Item Data: Scrolls
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Brotherhood Knight Scroll - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
Text: There is something in the water, something... terrible. I have seen men dragged under, never to return. The location of these creatures can only be seen as ripples or bubbles on the surface. I surmise on must wait for these ripples and bubbles to disappear before progressing through the bog. One cannot walk around them because noxious fumes lay either side of the safe path, so one must be patient and wait for the right moment to cross over them. Heck, I know that I'm going to die, but at least it will be fighting, not swallowed by any of those mire fiends! Gabriel  Find: The Dead Bog (...) (all)


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