"Fear not, brave Simon, for if you have the courage to risk your life, you will find the strength to win again."
— Mysterious Woman, Simon's Quest.

The Mysterious Woman is a mentioned character in the Castlevania series and is related, although ambiguously, to its lore. She is mentioned in the instruction booklet of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (on both Eastern and Western releases of the game) and referenced again in Castlevania Judgment.


While Simon Belmont was contemplating his fate among the graves of his ancestors, a mysterious woman appeared behind him, standing in the morning mist. She explained that this feeling he had was due to a curse Dracula had placed on him and that his life was in real danger. In order to be free of this curse, he would have to collect Dracula's remains: his heart, eyeball, rib bone, nail and ring; and burn them in his castle, ending forever the reign of the Prince of Darkness. Only by this method could Dracula be permanently eliminated. She then vanished within the mist as mysteriously as she had appeared. Simon resolved to take up this challenge and began his new quest.

It is not known what the true nature of this mysterious woman really was. Was she a spirit who dwelt in the graveyard Simon was visiting? Was she an angel? Was she a vision of Sara Trantoul, whose soul was bound to the Vampire Killer since 1094? Was she a damsel in distress who called upon Simon in a vision?

She did not make any further appearances later in the game. Her character, however, is referenced at the end of Simon's story mode in Castlevania Judgment.



  • She is referenced only as a "beautiful maiden" in the Western localization of Simon's Quest.

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