Tristis Pass (5)

Mountains are environments traversed outside of Dracula's Castle, or any other castles that may be encountered.


Mountains are common across the world and around Dracula's Castle, though they are only traversed in a few games. One mountain, crossed in Dracula's Curse, serves as a direct back entrance into the castle.

Due to the nature of mountains, mountain stages usually feature, at some point, a large amount of climbing or descent. Almost always, mountains are seen mixed with other types of environments, such as caves and forests. Mountains often have features typical of a natural environment, like waterfalls and trees. At times, waterfalls may have a positive or negative effect on the progress of the level, such as impeding the progress of Shanoa in Order of Ecclesia, or allowing Richter a faster descent down the mountain in Rondo of Blood.


The enemies that appear in mountain stages vary widely from game-to-game. Depending on how late mountains are traversed in their respective games, the difficulty of enemies will vary, though often mountains are featured late in the game and thus more powerful enemies are encountered. Typically, players may encounter both animals and undead creatures in mountains. In Order of Ecclesia particularly, mountains were home to demon enemies, specifically the Thunder Demon and Flame Demon.


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